Instrumental rock.

Trance Dance

Instrumental funk and roll.

Floating in Space

Ambience deluxe.

Terminal Velociraptor

Got fusion?

Noises in my Head

A little stream of consciousness ditty from the Oddio album.

Happy Critters

Title track from the newest release, Happy Critters. Yes, that is Bill Ray (as his alter-ego "Vlad") playing drums while wearing a horse head mask.


From the newest release, Happy Critters. Video features the cityscapes from where both members of the band were residing at the time the album was done (Bill Ray was in San Diego but has since reocated to Seattle, and Bill Cornish is in Chicago. They met while both living in San Diego.)

Objects in Motion

Drummer Bill Ray created this video set to the title track from our second album from footage he shot while on tour in Amsterdam.

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