About The Odd Get Even

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The Odd Get Even is a collaboration between keyboardist Bill Cornish who lives in Chicago and drummer Bill Ray who lives in Seattle.

The song composition process is an unusual one. All songs start out as improvised drum tracks by Ray around which Cornish fleshes out the details and provided a compositional framework. There is an organic nature to all of this that lends itself to some pretty cool arrangements.

The general philosophy is to play the drum track like a hole of golf; "play it like it lays" with no nips/tucks but sometimes a small trim or loop is necessary for continuity. In any event, the inspiration is there in the original drum improvisation. If ever there were truly music "created from the drums up" it would be this project.

The result is an energetic and unique blend of styles full of creative twists and turns. Better than your favorite energy drink (and without the crash).Think Weather Report meets Garaj Mahal meets Niacin and Headhunters-era Herbie Hancock. Or maybe vintage Jeff Beck (well, okay, without the guitars) meets vintage Jean-Luc Ponty (well, okay, without the violin).

The duo released their most recent album, Nonverbal Behaviors, in July 2022.

Bill Cornish - Keyboards

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Keyboardist Bill Cornish spent most of the 80's and half of the 90's bopping around the lower 48 States, Alaska and Japan with the rock band Crystal and opening for artists such as Kansas, Pat Travers, Joan Jett, The Romantics and more. Since, he has been involved in projects ranging from jazz to rock & has released several CDs of his own music which he describes as Chillout-Jazz-NewAge-World-Fusion Music. He performs live with multiple bands in the Chicago area.

Bill Ray - Drums

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Drummer Bill Ray has spent years touring the world with notable musicians such as the legendary Ike Turner and playing prestigious venues such as the famous Montruex Summit in Swizerland. His extensive discography includes Ike's 2007 Grammy-winning album Risin' with the Blues. Bill is currently inciting a musical revolution with his open source drum project and can be seen performing regularly in the Seattle area as well as on world tour with guitar virtuoso, Paul Gilbert.


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