The Odd Get Even: Objects in Motion

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Added: June 22nd, 2011 --Reviewer: Mark Johnson
Score: 4 Stars

The Odd Gets Even is a collaboration of keyboardist Bill Cornish and drummer Bill Ray. Bill Cornish was a member of the band Crystal, and has opened for bands like Kansas, Joan Jett, Pat Travers, and the Romantics. He describes his music as Chill/Jazz/New Age/World Music. Bill Ray has spent years touring with Ike Turner has created an extensive discography of music, including the Grammy winning 'Risin' with the Blues'.

Together they have made a funky, groove oriented jazzy chill album with twelve tracks that are full of soul. The keyboard work and drums are truly inspired and drive the production well. Chris Hale's guest bass is a great addition to the sound, providing depth and the guitar highlights. 'Trance Dance' is an excellent opener getting things off to a fast rhythmic start. The percussion work takes songs like 'Revenge of the Odd' and 'Insomnia' to the top of the class on this album. There are great reminders of some of Steely Dan's instrumental sections running throughout the production making this a must buy for any fan of their sound set to jazzier rhythms. This is great backyard party jazz for the summer. The title track with its blistering guitar solo is one of the highlights, along with 'Noir', 'B-Side Shuffle', 'Into the Wild' and 'Jambalaya'. Heck there are no bad tracks on this album.

They do a great job laying down some groovy jazz that will fill your afternoon or evening full of rhythm.

Track Listing:

"Trance Dance"
"Revenge of the Odd"
"Uptown Groove"
"Objects in Motion"
"B-Side Shuffle"
"Into the Wild"
"Open Mind"
"Sign of the Times"
"Fooling April"

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