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    Bill Cornish
  • Stories Without Words ...
    Bill Cornish
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    Bill Cornish

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  • To say the man embraces music in general would certainly be clearly stating the obvious. Add to that the manner in which he applies such eclecticism to his material, as is the case on his latest release Waking Dreams, and you’ve got the consummate musician and some very impressive work.
    Ronald Jackson
    Smooth Jazz Ride
  • Stories Without Words is an absolutely stellar listening experience from beginning to end. If you've yet to discover the deep and richly rewarding music of Bill Cornish, then this album is great place to start.
  • Marvelously eclectic and very stimulating ranging from solo piano to rhythmic ensembles. It's a joyful work..
    Bob Naujoks
    KCCK 88.3

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