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Viva Santana - Humphreys Backstage Lounge, 4/22/17
Review by Molly Lynn

Seriously folks, there is no substitute for this original Santana cover band.

They are so much more than a cover band! In thirty years of playing together this band has actually sounds and feels like they're embodying Carlos and the band itself. Conga player, Pasquale Buono was celebrated with all of singing and the vibe was pure love onstage. Magical!

There's absolutely no substitute for having a powerful and amazing drummer, Roy, congas, timbale, wheel, base, keyboards, vocals, eight consummate professional players, dedicated to the musical genius that is Santana!

Then up walks Jose Molina Serrano! a former touring member of the Santana Band to sit in for the last set! BONUS ROUND!

Arnie Vilches, the guitar player for VIVA SANTANA, and Jose together raised the bar, yet again! You might pay $400-$1,000 for a seat in the pit of any major concert and you couldn't feel any greater energy and positive vibes than came off that stage!

This is my favourite thing, being the energy vampire, that I am, for live music! I'm just bummed that I didn't have mophie properly charged so as to Facebook Live the entire show! Next time I'm going to be ready!

Thank you, VIVA SANTANA and Jose for changing my batteries with your SUPER NATURAL MUSIC!