the musicians of Viva Santana

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Special Thank Yous

A warm VIVA thanks to the following players.

First and foremost to those who spent time on this long journey should receive a special thank you from all of us here at Viva. The following players have been members of the band and have helped us keep things alive and rockin.

  • Mark Fisher- Guitar
  • Jose Serrano-Guitar-Santana Band
  • Jorge Cambreros-Guitar
  • Chris Gerra-Bass
  • Joaguin Solorzano-Bass-Malo
  • Oscar Angulo-Bass
  • Ramon Avila-Keys
  • Joaquin Quino Mcwhinney - Big Mountain-Vocals
  • Kiko Cornejo-Timbales

The following have filled in from time to time as subs or just sat in with us and shared their musical talents.

  • Marcello Covarrubias-Vocals
  • Freddy Lanusa-Keys
  • Robbert Lanusa-Keys
  • Beto-Bass
  • James East brother of Nathan East
  • Glen Fisher-Bass
  • Kiko Cornejo Jr-Timbales
  • Warren Salas-Timbales
  • Gibby Ross-Timbales-Malo-and the great band Journey
  • Skip-Timbales
  • Richard Isabella-Drums
  • Benmar Felizardo-Vocals-Makai
  • Daniel Reagan-Trombone Mark Anthony / Spanish Harlem All Stars
  • Gilbert Castelanos-Trumpet
  • Tommy Aros-Congas-Luis Miguel band
  • Monet Marino-Congas
  • Niki Cambell-Congas
  • Luis Gaska-Trumpet-original Santana band
  • Joe Cano-Guitar
  • Max Zape-Keys
  • Javier Batiz-Guitar
  • Bill Cornish-Keys
  • Richard Isabella-Drums