about Viva Santana

"With Arnie Vilchez from Bobby Kimball on Guitar, and Thomas Connor, lead singer for Blood, Sweat and Tears in the group, along with their fearless leader Pat Buono on congas, this San Diego favorite played an endless set of Santana favorites to the hilt." - Latin Rock, Inc. Newsletter
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"In thirty years of playing together this band has actually sounds and feels like they're embodying Carlos and the band itself.
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"Viva!" - A sonic statement that rocks from start to finish. A promise from the band to each individual that they will get what they came for: a huge helping of sound that is packed with energy and conviction. Each player loves what he is doing and it shows every time.

In an era with so many tribute bands, why one more band called Viva? The answer is simple. Because it is done right. Viva is the original Santana tribute act originating in 1990 in Southern California. The music of Santana has inspired each player to pour heart and soul into every performance and become a link to the master himself.

Carlos Santana and his innovative sounds have finally reached the forefront of rock where they belong. The Latin groove is paving its own way with driving rhythym and sultry beats. See for yourself why many have gone away satisfied. Become a believer and experience the soulful sound called Viva.