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About Thomas

Thomas's career as a singer song writer started in San Diego CA in the 70's and has kept moving forward since. With early bands like Cloudy, Foolish Pleasure (featuring guitarist Craig Goldie of the legendary band Dio), and The Rock which had a very successful run in the 80's.

The Rock was the first band where Thomas got to express himself fully by writting most of the material, both music and lyrics. The Rock saw many different faces backing the band, while each player brought his own flavor and distinct style to the project. Several different formidable record companies including Atlantic, Chrysalis, MCA, Giant Records, A&M, showed interest in the band but to no avail - there was never a deal struck.

With problems surrounding The Rock, Thomas looked for a different direction and met up with Bill Cornish, an accomplished keyboard player who seemed to be looking toward the same horizon. The two started looking for other key players and found Grady McGrew on guitar Joaquin Solorzano (from the band Malo) on bass, Rodney Zinnen on drums with childhood friend Pasquale Buono on percussion. The sound they developed - Rock with Jazz inflections and catchy melodies - formed the group that started as Critical Mass, then Life, and finally .

Releasing their debut album, Teach Peace, in 2002, The Thomas Connor Band moved forward playing local shows and always writing more music. This culminated in the 2012 release of new songs called The Process as well as the 2012 release of Past Due containing recordings from the late 1990's.

Thomas has also formed and for the past 22 years has fronted a talented cast of musicians making Viva Santana (or Viva), a tribute to Santana. The cast has traveled the United States playing Santana songs from the hits to deep tracks. Members include guitarist Arnie Vichez who has also performed with the Mark Farner Band (Grand Funk Railroad) and Bobby Kimball (lead vocalist of Toto).

From 2006 through the present, Thomas has also had the honor of using his lead vocal talents fronting the legendary band from New York City, Blood Sweat and Tears.

A writer of hundreds of songs Thomas, is fun to watch, a pleasure to listen to and a force to be reckoned with.

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