The Odd Get Even: Oddio

Sea of Tranquility Review

Added: March 17, 2018 --Reviewer: Jon Neudorf

The Odd Get Even is an American fusion duo consisting of Bill Cornish (keyboards, seaboard, voice, assorted noisemakers) and Bill Ray (drums). Guest guitarist Bruce Williams appears on one track. I first became familiar with the band after reviewing their debut self-titled effort released in 2009. I also reviewed their 2014 release Happy Critters. The band recently released their fourth album titled Oddio.

The duo continues their brand of jazz rock and funky sounds, creating another melodic and smooth sounding fusion album. A funky beat underlies the catchy "A Spanish Rose by Any Other Name". The tempo is upbeat with melodic keyboard soloing all over the place. The electric piano chords in "Return to Babylon" have a Steely Dan vibe and guest guitarist Bruce Williams adds lightly hued background guitar giving depth to the soundscape. Keyboard and guitar solos follow suit. "Terminal Velociraptor" boasts a heavy funky groove whereas a lighter touch is displayed on the catchy "Floating in Space" as well as on the lovely "Anthem" with the smooth keyboard solos soaring to new heights. "Red Dragon" ends the disc on a heavier note as the drums and keyboards really get a workout before a delicate and softer touch is displayed half way through.

Fans of melodic fusion with a heavy emphasis on keyboards will probably want to check this out.

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