The Odd Get Even: Happy Critters

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Added: December 29, 2014 --Reviewer: Jon Neudorf
Score: 4 Stars

The Odd Get Even is a fusion project of just two musicians; Bill Cornish (keyboards, percussion) and Bill Ray (drums). Cornish has toured with numerous bands and artists including Kansas, Pat Travers, Joan Jett, The Romantics and many others. Ray won a Grammy with his album Risin' with the Blues and has played with many musicians including Ike Turner. Guest musician Mike James adds guitar on the last two tracks.

They released their self-titled debut in 2009 which was followed by Objects in Motion in 2010. Their new album Happy Critters is the subject of this review.

Happy Critters is an amalgamation of fusion, jazz rock and funk filled with great melodies and excellent musicianship. The album's first track "Chill Pill" is a funky jazz rock tune with a Steely Dan vibe and great keyboard work. "Contusion" hits the mark with an excellent fusion inspired guitar solo and trippy keyboards whereas "No Borders" features outstanding organ and a cool synth solo. For a slice of the blues try the sultry "Greasy Spoon" oozing with piano and mind bending keyboards while the duo twist and turn their way through the introspective and jazzy "Stumbling Toward Nirvana", the album's longest track at over ten minutes. Big organ and keyboard fills, excellent guitar work from Mike James and a fusion soundscape that should delight fans of the genre.

Happy Critters is ideally suited for fans of fusion and jazz rock. The melodies, level of musicianship and overall musicality here is hard to deny. An excellent four stars it is.

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