Bill Ray Online

March, 2021

Since the COVID shutdowns started, Drummer Bill Ray has been keeping busy with online sessions featuring projects he is involved in. You can find him on Reddit under the handle Furry Hamburger Porn

Bill Ray Summer Tour

May, 2019

Drummer Bill Ray is currently touring the U.S. and Canada with guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert, as well as performing on Paul's latest album, Behold, Electric Guitar. Don't miss the chance to see this great band rock live!

Fusion Winner!

November, 2018

Our friends at the Friday Night Progressive show have informed us that The Odd Get Even has won 3rd place in the Fusion category for the 2018 Indie Prog Awards. Thanks to all who have taken the time to check out our music and especially to Ronald Marquiss for helping to get us heard.

Check out Friday Night Progressive for some great listening!

New vids!

July, 2018

Hey all! Hope you're having a great summer! We've got a couple new videos up on the website -- "Anthem" from the latest album "Oddio" and an oldie but goodie, "Trance Dance" from the 2nd album.

Have a listen and a look on our video page!

Oddio Review!

March, 2018

A nice bit o' feedback from Sea of Tranquility reviewer Jon Neudorf on the latest album from yours truely. Thanks for the kind words!

Read it here!

Friday Night Progressive

December, 2017

A big thank you to our new friends at Friday Night Progressive, an internet-based radio show that concentrate on the more eclectic side of things. In their 12-1 show they featured two tracks off the new album - Bi-Polar Vortex and Anthem.

We also enjoyed checking out the other artists represented. You should check this show out -- might find some new favorites!

Check them out at

Album number 4 is here

October, 2017

Another toe-tapping funk fusion extravaganza from the Oddsters. We'll be getting this set up in all the usual spots, but for the moment, it is available directly from us or from our Bandcamp site.

Something Funky is Coming in 2017

December, 2016

Happy New Year from The Odd Get Even! Our fourth album, tentatively titled Something Funky This Way Comes, will be landing early 2017. Ten more tunes of funky fusiony goodness!

Today's vocabulary word: Contusion

January 2, 2015

Happy New Year from The Odd Get Even! We started our new year out right by receiving a very positive review from the Sea of Tranquility site. Check it out here!

Hello 2015!

September, 2014

A video from the new Happy Critters is currently being featured on the Making Music Mag website. The song is Contusion and the video features the two cities where the oddsters reside - San Diego and Chicago. Check it out here!

Get Happy!

June, 2014

Our long awaited (admit it - you were holding your breath weren't you?) new album, Happy Critters, is due out in March, 2014. Err, make that April, 2014. Well, by July anyway. Full of funky, fusiony - yes that's a word (now) - fun.

Stay tuned for details!

We're Baaack!

April, 2014

After dropping off the grid for a bit, the Odd Get Even site is back up and running.

We have a new album of jazz-rock fusion goodness coming at you soon. It's going to rock!

Stay tuned for details!

The Second Album is here

Objects in Motion, our second album is here and it is rockin'!

Sea of Tranquility review site calls it a "funky, groove oriented jazzy chill album with twelve tracks that are full of soul. "

No guitar players were harmed during the creation of this album.

A Bit 'O History 4 U

This San Diego Reader article chronicles the beginning of Bill Ray's "Open Source Drum Tracks" experiment and the creation of the first track (Esperanto) for the project that later became The Odd Get Even.

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