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Current Projects

The Odd Get Even

The Odd Get Even - A jazz-funk-fusion collaboration between Bill Cornish and drummer Bill Ray (Ike Turner, Paul Gilbert) balancing improvisation and composition in equal measures. Doesn't play live right now since the Bills are separated by several thousand miles. Released their fourth album, Oddio in October of 2017.

Reason's Edge

Vocal rock project - Debut album Soliloquy available now. Second album, Smoke and Mirrors, coming in 2019.

The Jay Goeppner Band

Original Beatle-esque power-pop.

Heart Soul & Spirit

Collaboration with singer/songwriter and Blood Sweat and Tears alumni Thomas Connor. First release in the works.

Past Projects

Almost Joe

Latin Rock, Jazz & Blues with a slammin' percussion section.

The Bruce Williams Blues Band

Jazz and world fusion. New album Magic Stew just released in 2016.

The Thomas Connor Band

Upbeat Rock and Roll with jazz and Latin influences. Thomas has toured as lead vocalist for the legendary Blood Sweat & Tears.


An improvisational blend of rock, jazz and world styles known for eclectic rhythms.


Powerful melodic hard rock. This band was Bill's musical home from 1983 - 1994. Their last reunion performance was in 2009.

Giant Shadows

Take some hard rock, some jazz, some reggae some world-beat and toss it in a blender! Debut album available from this Chicagoland-based band.

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