Stories Without Words
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The 2017 JPF (Just Plain Folks) Music Awards

Just Plain Folks is a community of over 51,500 Songwriters, Recording Artists and Music Industry Professionals and host to the world's largest independent music awards. They always trail a few years behind with the awards but it is a very cool event since it honors artist that are generally ignored by the mainstream.

I've got nominations from 2 different albums - Kaleidoscope (2013) and Stories Without Words (2010)

You can check out the nominated songs / album below:

Instrumental Album - - Stories Without Words

Funk Song - Chi-Town Funk (from Stories Without Words)

Instrumental Rock Song - Sunset Cliffs (from Stories Without Words)

Instrumental Song - Syzygy (from Stories Without Words)

Instrumental Rock Song - Hanging by a Thread (from Kaleidoscope)

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