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The Jay Goeppner Band - Singles (2021)

Rock / Pop

Beatle-esque power-pop.

Singles released this year --

  • Rearrange (03/2021)
  • This Will Be Our Year (04/2021)

Bill Cornish - Gratitude (2020)

Jazz / Funk / World Fusion / New Age

Jazz , funk and a left turn or two featuring an international cast of characters.

I've been fortunate to live much of my life surrounded by and involved in music. The different eras of my life have always been punctuated and defined by the music I was listening to as well as the music I was involved in creating. It has been an extremely gratifying way to move through the world, and the only way that ever made sense to me.

Enjoy! Be kind to one another. Pura vida, mae!

Heart Soul and Spirit (2020)

Pop / Rock

Collaboration between Bill and singer Thomas Alan Connor (Blood Sweat and Tears).

The Rock - Love is the Light (2020)

Hard Rock

San Diego based rock group featuring former bandmates of Bill's (Thomas Connor and Andy Nossal). Bill plays on the tune "Need to Bleed"

Reason's Edge - Smoke and Mirrors (2019)


New album of rock with social commentary. A snapshot of life in the divided United States in 2019.

Bill Cornish - Waking Dreams (2019)

Jazz / Chillout / World Fusion / New Age

New album of jazz, world and chillout.

Sure to appeal to fans of classic Windham Hill and Private Music label artists. An eclectic mix of jazz, new age and contemporary world fusion.

To say the man embraces music in general would certainly be clearly stating the obvious. Add to that the manner in which he applies such eclecticism to his material, as is the case on his latest release Waking Dreams, and you’ve got the consummate musician and some very impressive work. Ronald Jackson (Smooth Jazz Ride)

The Odd Get Even - Oddio (2017)

Jazz Fusion / Rock / Funk

Album number four from the oddsters. More improvisational toe-tapping funk, rock and fusion.

Recommended for people who like Garaj Mahal, Weather Report, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Jean-Luc Ponty, Jan Hammer, Jeff Beck, etc...

Fans of melodic fusion with a heavy emphasis on keyboards will probably want to check this out. Steven Reid, Sea of Tranquility

Lambog - Voices (2017)


A single from bassist / composer Joaquin Solórzano (Malo, The Thomas Connor Band) about those suffering from mental illness and pretty much ignored by the broken mental health system in the United States. Bill provided string arrangements for this track.

Reason's Edge - Soliloquy (2016)


Bill revisits his rock roots. Lush harmonies, strong melodies and influences ranging from classic and progressive rock to jazz and R & B are all hallmarks of the songs here. Stir in lyrics with some social commentary and a bit of necessary sarcasm and you have the debut Reason's Edge album.

Sitting somewhere between the more jazz fuelled side of Toto and the less obtuse output of Steely Dan, Reason's Edge prove to be a hugely engaging, and gently challenging prospect. - Steven Reid reviewing the album Soliloquy for Sea of Tranquility

Bruce Williams - Magic Stew (2016)


Bruce Williams is a songwriter living north of Chicago, Illinois. Although he is known primarily as a blues artist, this album shifts fulidly between different styles, genres and influences. The band includes Dave Harris on drums, Paul Merar on bass and Jhorber Orta on percussion.

The Odd Get Even - Happy Critters (2014)

Jazz Fusion / Rock / Funk

The third collaboration between Bill and Grammy-winning drummer Bill Ray. Another exploration into improvisational funk=jazz-rock fusion. Lots of fun twists and turns.

On two tracks, including the epic ten-minute Stumbling Toward Nirvana, the band is joined by guitarist Mike James.

Recommended for people who like Garaj Mahal, Weather Report, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Jean-Luc Ponty, Jan Hammer, Jeff Beck, etc...

It's the best indie instrumental record I've reviewed in months and is a poignant statement about the status of good instrumental jamming: it's alive and well. Cornish and Ray are an irresistible match made in heaven.Brett Stewart,

Bill Cornish - Kaleidoscope (2013)

Jazz / Chillout / World Fusion / New Age

Keyboardist Bill Cornish weaves an eclectic mix of instrumental music that is alternately uptempo and energetic and quietly introspective. Influences range from world fusion to jazz to funk to new age.

On this recording Bill, is joined by drummer Bill Ray (Ike Turner / The Odd Get Even), as well as guests guitarist Eric Davies (Giant Shadows) and jazz trumpeter Eric Bolvin.

Sure to appeal to fans of classic Windham Hill artists, jazz, new age and contemporary world fusion.

"Keyboardist Bill Cornish has stepped forward with another fine project full of creativity, imagination, and diversity." - Ronald Jackson (Smooth Jazz Ride).

Nominated for a 2017 Just Plain Folks independent Music award for Best Instrumental Rock Song (Hanging by a Thread)

Bill Cornish - ...Past is Prologue (2012)

Chillout / Jazz / New Classical

A visit back to days. Most of this material was originally released on the no longer available albums Leap of Faith and A Change of Seasons. It has been re-arranged, remixed and, in some cases, completely re-recorded. Also featured are two previously unreleased tunes - Daybreak and Evermind.

This disc leans more heavily toward the chillout and new age genres than most of Bill's recent discs.

Sure to appeal to fans of classic Windham Hill artists.

Thomas Connor Band - The Process (2012)

Classic Rock

Blood, Sweat and Tears alumni Thomas Connor kicks out some classic rock. This is the band as it was in 2010, creating some powerful and upbeat tunes.

Thomas Connor Band - Past Due (2012)

Classic Rock

A retrospective of older TCB material tha never got a proper release until now. These recordings actually precede the debut Teach Peace album.

Giant Shadows - Painters and Ploughmen (2012)

Rock / Jam / Funk

The debut album from Chicago-based tribal jam rock band Giant Shadows. A mix of eclectic influences ranging from rock, blues, jazz, Latin, world music, alternative and beyond. Picture a cross between Deep Purple, The Police, Gov't Mule, Bob Marley and Dead Can Dance.

Bill Cornish - Stories Without Words (2011)

Jazz / Chillout / World Fusion / New Age

The latest solo CD from Bill takes the listener on a journey between jazz, world fusion, funk, chillout and new age. Energetic yet spiritual and relaxing.

The track Syzygy won Best Instrumental Song in the Just Plain Folks independent music awards. The album also received nominations for:

  • Instrumental Album
  • Funk Song - Chi-Town Strut
  • Instrumental Rock Song - Sunset Cliffs

Sure to appeal to fans of classic Windham Hill artists, jazz, new age and contemporary world fusion.

The Odd Get Even - Objects in Motion (2010)

Jazz / Rock / Fusion

The second collaboration between Bill Cornish and drummer Bill Ray. Quirky, funky tunes ranging from jazz to rock and everywhere in between, up above and underneath. Serious energy. We dare you not to bop your head along with this. Really, we dare you.

Recommended for people who like Garaj Mahal, Weather Report, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Jean-Luc Ponty, Jan Hammer, Jeff Beck, etc...

Bill Cornish - Inner Visions (2010)

Jazz / Chillout / New Age / Fusion

Musically all over the map like always, this album shifts moods between world fusion (Beasts of Prey, Inukshuk, Red Sands) jazz (Smile, Behind the Mask) funk (East County Strut) and new age (Winds of Autumn, and now this brief interlude).

Musical guests this time out include Filippo Bertacche (The Funkdawgs) on drums, Chris Hale(Zindu) on bass, Eric Bolvin on trumpet, Claire Fitch (Dublin Symphony Orchestra) on cello and Bill Ray (Ike Turner) on drums.

Sure to appeal to fans of classic Windham Hill artists, jazz, new age and contemporary world fusion.

marvelously eclectic and very stimulating ranging from solo piano to rhythmic ensembles. It's a joyful work..Bob Naujoks (KCCK 88.3)

The Odd Get Even (2009)

Jazz / Rock / Fusion

A jazz-funk-rock-fusion collaboration between Bill Cornish and drummer Bill Ray. Serious propulsive grooves, soaring leads, musical left turns.

The Indie Music Review says, "Not only does this two-man band have the last good remaining band name in the U.S., they create some really interesting fusion/jazz/somewhat experimental music."

Recommended for people who like Garaj Mahal, Weather Report, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Jean-Luc Ponty, Jan Hammer, Jeff Beck, etc...

Bill Cornish - Sojourn (2007)

Jazz / Chillout / New Age

Alternately introspective and firey, keyboardist Bill Cornish's latest release continues the eclectic path established by his previous album, Horizons. Each song is an instrumental story, weaving a sophisicated hypnotic blend of diverse influences rich in melody, texture and passion.

The solo piano track Fragile was nominated for a 2009 JPF Award for Best New Age Song.

Sure to appeal to fans of classic Windham Hill artists, jazz, new age and contemporary world fusion.

Various Artists - Munich's Hardest Hits Volume 9 (2007)


Crystal's tune I'm a Dreamer makes an appearance on this international collection of melodic hard rock classics. This compilation was released in Europe by a Germany-based radio show.

Recommended if you like Journey, Aldo Nova, Night Ranger.

Zindu - Live in the Studio (2007)

Rock / Jam Band

Zindu was an experimental jam band that balanced full-on improvisation with explorations into world-based music. Live in the Studio was a follow-up to their debut CD, Shapeshifter.

Recommended if you like Garaj Mahal, Phish, Micky Hart.

Bill Cornish - Horizons (2003)

Jazz / Chillout / New Age

Filled with powerful emotional performances, Horizons draws on a diverse set of influences to create an eclectic listening journey. Niether strictly jazz nor new age nor world music, it brings elements from each together in a unique experience.

Think George Winston meets Planet Drum meets Shadowfax jamming with Bob James, Kitaro & Deodato.

Will Sumner - Coast Drive (2003)


Bill was a member of Will Sumner's band Tropic Zone for several years. A tasteful mix of latin and jazz influences, Will has received airplay across the nation. On Coast Drive, Bill lends his piano stylings to the tracks Full Steam and Inside Job.

The Thomas Connor Band - Teach Peace (2002)


This was the debut album from Thomas Connor who also has toured as the lead singer for the ledgendary Blood Sweat and Tears. Very much in the classic rock vein, it is soulful, gritty and has a positive message to give.

The title track was adopted by several public schools for use in teaching about peace and tolerance.

Bill Cornish - A Change of Seasons (2001)

Chillout / Jazz / New Age

Bill's second solo album from back in the days. A mix of Windham Hill-style new age with classical and jazz influences.

Crystal - Collection (2000)


Produced by Kansas alumni John and Dino Elefante, this is classic 80s Arena Rock. Bill spent 12 years touring with this band though the Northwestern States, Alaska and Japan. Although the band officially called it quits in 1994, this set of recordings were released on CD by the Song Haus Rewind as part of a distribution deal and was in the top 10 sellers for German distributor AOR Heaven in 2000.

Recommended if you like Journey, Aldo Nova, Night Ranger.

Bill Cornish - Leap of Faith (2000)

Chillout / Jazz / New Age

Bill's debut solo album. Many of these tunes spent a long time on the charts of back in the days before they got sued by everyone in the industry. A mix of jazz, classical and new age influences.

Seaholm, Etc - Passion's Little Plaything (1997)

Rock / Pop

San Diego-based composer/producer Sven-Erik Seaholm's examiniation of passion and relationships. Bill plays on the tracks Stop Talking and Velvet Glove.

Crystal - Crystal 3 (1993)


The second of the recordings produced by John and Dino Elefante. This was originally released on cassette back when Crystal was still active.

Crystal - self titled (1989)


The first teaming up of Crystal and Kansas alumni John and Dino Elefante. This five song EP was originally released on cassette and featured the band's new harder-edged sound. John Elefante provides some memorable background vocals here as well.

Crystal - The One For You (1985)

Rock / Pop

Crystal's debut album, originally released on glorious vinyl, featured a more pop oriented sound than what they later became known for. The album features the live favorite, Shadows in the Night.

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